Sharing Lessons To Teach Your Child Before Starting Child Care


As your child gets ready to go to child care, there are a number of steps that you can take to get him or her prepared. One of the ways that you can make this adjustment easier is by emphasizing the importance of sharing. Sharing is something that the child care staff will be emphasizing to the children in the days and weeks ahead, and by already understanding the importance of sharing with other children, your child will have an easier time in this new environment. Here are some sharing-related lessons that you can teach your child.

Take Turns With Toys

It's never too early to start showing your child how to take turns with toys. This lesson is important before the child heads to child care, as he or she may not be accustomed to sharing at home. For example, if your child is an only child, he or she may be able to play with a certain toy for an indeterminate amount of time. However, at child care, it's necessary to share toys with the other children instead of hogging them. Stress the need to allow other kids to have their turn with different toys and your child will carry this good habit into child care.

Don't Grab

While it's important to share with other children, not every child will practice this rule. If your child encounters another child who isn't sharing, it's important to avoid grabbing. For example, your child may feel frustrated that he or she isn't getting a turn and may wish to grab the toy. However, grabbing is often seen as an aggressive behavior that can cause a conflict that escalates quickly. Teach your child to politely ask if he or she can have a turn or to find another enjoyable activity to focus on.

Involve Others In Activities

Involving other children is an effective way to share — not necessarily the sharing of a specific toy, but rather the sharing of an experience. Teach your child to identify other children who appear to be interested in an activity but may be too shy to ask to join in. For example, if your child is playing in a sandbox with some other children and noticed a shy child watching the fun, teach your child to invite the other child to take part. This type of cooperative behavior is something that the child care staff will be stressing, and your child will be ahead of the curve.


20 January 2017

Supporting Your Child Through The Transition To Daycare

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