Asthma And Child Care: Three Questions To Ask Potential Carers


If you have an asthmatic child, you may need to enroll them in child care but are fearful about doing so. On your journey to find the best child care center for your child, asking each center the three questions below should provide considerable help. 

1. Can My Child Carry Their Inhaler With Them? 

Some child care centers may have a blanket policy requiring that all medications be left in a locked, centralized location. If your child needs immediate access to their rescue inhaler, ask whether this policy will be an issue. 

For certain circumstances, blanket policies such as the one mentioned above may not be set in stone and your child carrying their inhaler with them won't be an issue. For other centers, this policy may be required to be followed by law and not easily avoided, meaning your child's inhaler may be out of reach throughout the day. This question will give you a good idea of the policies in place at the care center, as well as the general attitude surrounding accessible medication. 

2. What Emergency Plans Can Be Put In Place? 

Even if a child care center has never dealt with an asthmatic child, they may have effective emergency plans in place for other children's medical issues, such as allergies or epilepsy. The important question to ask is, can an emergency plan be put into place for your child? 

Emergency plans are vital to the health and safety of your child. Even if your child never needs it, having it in place will provide you with the peace of mind you need. If the child care center you're interviewing is willing to set up an emergency plan, it's important to set it up as effectively as possible. This plan will address such questions as the usual signs and symptoms the child will exhibit during an asthmatic episode, the medications and dosages used in an emergency, and when outside help (parent or medical professional) should be called in.  

3. Will a Carer Modify Activities for My Child? 

If your child suffers from severe asthma, it may be difficult for them to keep up with the other children's physical activities. When interviewing different child care centers, ask whether a career will be able to ensure your child's participation. 

Your child should never feel left out due to their medical condition, so it's important that the carers understand your child's limitations. To ensure your child is able to participate fully, ask what, if any, modifications can be put in place. These modifications may include activity breaks throughout the day for your child, such as a five minute rest period every 15 minutes during recess where your child is able to color or perform another fun activity. The modifications put in place shouldn't hinder the other children's activities, but they should still aim to include your child in every way possible. 

Finding a child care center like McLean Children's Academy may be proving difficult, but the three questions above should help to narrow down your options and help you to pick the best child care center for your child. 


14 September 2015

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